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A meteorite soaring by emitting a warm light around it suddenly appears in outer space. It attracts the attention of the other planets following a route, as if it had a goal rather than knowing where it was going. Moving rapidly in the depths of dark space, this meteorite moves forward by illuminating all the planets and it passes with its light. With its fireball-like appearance, it attracts everyone in outer space. This meteorite, which they are watching with curiosity, encounters a blue planet. With the excitement of finally attaining this planet, which they call Earth, it rapidly glides from its atmosphere towards the earth. This meteorite, which meets the Earth with all its excitement, causes a huge explosion and a cloud of fog. At that very moment, a halo of light powerful enough to pierce and remove the dark fog clouds occurs. This is the magnificent crystalline quartz, which is the result of the meeting of the meteorite with the Earth, which is extremely powerful, has peace and tranquility as well as incredibly energetic, yet flexible and healing power. In the middle of the white light emitted by crystal quartz, an unexpected, colorful beam of light from the crystal illuminates the environment. That colorful beam of light is Huxel itself.
Huxel wishes carrying this light in people's hearts...



As an innovative and free-thinking team, we can transfer our ideas correctly, with the understanding of creating a sustainable environment, to make ourselves come true by blending the knowledge and experience we have with our stories and dreams and presenting the design of the future to you now.


  • Having opened at least one concept store in the largest metropolitan city in each of the world's top 20 strongest countries in 2030.

  • Opening the first virtual store in space when the space age passes.




  • Innovator
  • Free
  • Original
  • Beyond time
  • Extraordinary
  • Sincere and meaningful
  • Environment friendly
  • Respectful to nature
  • Focused on the future





To design timeless and gender-free functional and technological products in which people will feel happy, unique and valuable.


To bring our brand, which has a flexible structure, to the whole world in the rapidly changing world with the awareness of corporate responsibility.


To ensure long-term and profitable sustainable growth in this journey we embark on.


Based on the Target Market SPACE approach, to grow by expanding our market share.


To become a global brand, to establish collaborations by coming together with common stakeholders around the world.


 To interact closely with our target audience by opening at least one concept store in the largest metropolitan city in each of the world's strongest 20 countries as an E-commerce brand.


To ensure that you can reach us from all over the world and in every sense through all communication channels in today's world where technology is used in every field.